Duh Nile


1/11/2017: After weeks of denials Trumphotep admits he thinks it was Russia that hacked the DNC’s email servers, but maintains it was not to help him win.

1/5/2017: Trumphotep admits Mexico will not pay for his Great Wall of ‘Jyna.

1/1/2017: Quote: “I know a lot about hacking, and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. So it could be somebody else. And I also know things that other people don’t know, and so they cannot be sure of the situation.” The “Other People”? The CIA.

12/23/2016: President Elect Donald Trump says he has no problem starting a new arms race.

12/21/2016: Tweeted: “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes”.

12/21/2016: President Elect Donald Trump maintains his claim of winning “by a landslide”, even though the official vote tally shows Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes cast.

12/18/2016: After China offers to return a seized naval drone, President Elect Donald Trump threw away the diplomatic opportunity by saying: “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back.- let them keep it!” via Twitter.

12/12/2016: President Elect Donald Trump says he doesn’t attend daily intelligence briefings because “You know, I’m, like, a smart person.”

12/6/2016: President Elect Donald Trump tweets his thoughts that the new Air Force One is too expensive and should be cancelled. Boeing stock immediately drops $1.5 billion in value.

12/2/2016: President Elect Donald Trump has a personal phone call with Taiwan’s president, breaking U.S. / China protocol in place since 1979. China refuses to recognize Taiwan as an independent nation, and part of our trade policy with China is for the U.S. not to recognize them as well. U.S. / China trade is worth $649 billion yearly, and Trump has taken the first step to harming that trade.

12/1/2016: In a phone call with Pakistani strongman Nawaz Sharif President Elect Trump said “you are a terrific guy. You are doing amazing work which is visible in every way. I am looking forward to see you soon. As I am talking to you, Prime Minister, I feel I am talking to a person I have known for long.” Pakistan released quotes from the call in a violation of diplomatic protocol.

11/28/2016: After an ISIS-inspired attacker uses a knife on 18 people at Ohio State University, President Elect Donald Trump tweets that vote recounts in Minnesota are a “scam” but never uses the words “Islamic Terrorism”.

11/27/2016: President Elect Donald Trump claims he won the popular vote “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally”. There is no discernable evidence for this claim.