Is It Wrong?

Here you will find a list of questions that present a moral dilemma. Sometimes a single human being or a situation can be so aggravating it’s impossible not to wish them/it harm. The dilemma is: are these feelings justified? Each person must answer that question for themselves. At GraceLessLand we simply pose the question: Is It Wrong?

Nancy Grace

Hysterical TV drama-queen Nancy Grace demonized Casey Anthony on a daily basis throughout the years-long case – often screaming at the top of her lungs that Anthony was guilty. The average person’s strong dislike of Grace may have been a factor in the Anthony verdict – or at least that’s a good excuse for taking this shrill heifer off the air.

SUBJECT: Nancy Grace was a prosecutor in the Atlanta-Fulton County District Attorney’s office for  almost ten years, and was twice cited by the Georgia Supreme Court and the 11th Circuit Court Of Appeals for misconduct. These were perfect qualifications for becoming a cable-news law maven specializing in speculation, rumor, innuendo, and outright fabrication of “facts” in many cases, but in particular the Casey Anthony murder case. More recently Grace’s relentless persecution of a woman who suffocated her newborn by rolling-over on the child while sleeping is said to have led to the woman’s self-immolation. But perhaps Grace’s most serious transgression against an innocent public was her appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” when she subjected the entire world to a “nipple slip” that was said to cause blindness and dementia in many viewers.

PROPOSITION: Is it wrong to hope Nancy Grace will one day tour a meat packing plant, and while observing the bologna-maker slip and fall into a a vat of pink slime, because becoming bologna and slime seems so appropriate a way for her to meet her end?

Joe Biden

The anti-Cheney caught here in a representative pose: his Three Stooges “nyuck nyuck nyuck” look.

SUBJECT: Joseph Robinette Biden was first elected to the Senate from Delaware in 1973, and apparently they like ’em stupid in Delaware because he’s been sent back every six years up until he became Vice-President in 2009. Biden has maintained a reputation for saying really, incredibly inept and often convulsively awkward things throughout his political career. Therefore it was no surprise when Barack Obama chose him as his running mate for the 2008 presidential election. Presidents have made it a habit of choosing their polar opposites as vice-presidents, probably to dissuade would-be assassins who might balk at using lead to elect a bland slice of toast (Al Gore), an evil hunchback troll (Dick Cheney), or in this case a clown who has lost his makeup kit. Biden has been a constant source of embarrassment for the Obama administration, especially lately with his comments about the President’s “big stick” and his definite statements about being in favor of same-sex marriage (that forced Obama to take a stand on a hot button issue he has avoided like the plague). While he is a much needed dose of comic relief in a presidency that has had very few lighthearted moments, he is also the proverbial heartbeat away from the Oval Office – where it is hard for him to enter because of his huge block head.

PROPOSITION: Is it wrong to want to volunteer Joe Biden for tests of new rocket systems that are given a high chance of failure, because waiting for an assassin or God to do the job is just taking too much time?

Tucker Carlson

Gretchen Carlson in male drag? Inquiring minds want to know!

SUBJECT: Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson was born in 1969 with a silver spoon, fork, knife, and complete tea set in his mouth. According to Wikipedia:

He is the elder son of Richard Warner Carlson, a former Los Angeles news anchor and U.S. ambassador to the Seychelles who was president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and director of Voice of America.[3] His adopted mother is Patricia Caroline Swanson (born 1945), former wife of Howard Feldman and an heiress to the Swanson food-conglomerate fortune.[3][4] He has a brother, Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson.[5][6] A great-uncle was Sen. J. William Fulbright.[4]

So we’re sure his parents are proud that he has turned-out to be a Fox News contributor who apparently stands for everything his father doesn’t (if the old man’s resume is anything to go by). Maybe Tucker ate too many Swanson TV dinners in those aluminum trays (it does contribute to dementia). Carlson is famous for pioneering the “sneering falsehood”, a now commonly used Fox News tactic in which the commentator spews nonsensical “facts” with nothing to back them up except a condescending tone and an air of social and moral superiority.  Because of his extensive life experience at country clubs and prep schools, as well as being a senior fellow at the ultra-right-wing elite libertarian Cato Institute, Carlson’s condemnation of civil rights organizations like the NAACP, his pronouncements on women’s issues, and his unfailing disdain of any government programs that don’t somehow benefit wealthy ideologues like himself carry a special kind of anti-gravitas.

PROPOSITION: Is it wrong to hope that the next time he’s on his knees fellating Roger Ailes in the Fox News men’s room, his bow tie will become caught in the toilet and he will be flushed-down to the depths of the  sewers turds like this belong in?

Gretchen Carlson

The smart money is betting Steve Doocy’s and Brian Kilmeade’s laptops are showing the view from the “Fox and Friends” under-the-coffee-table upskirt cam.

SUBJECT: Gretchen Carlson is one of three hosts of “Fox and Friends”, a morning show on the Fox News Network that started as the usual innocuous coffee-swilling morning hype-fest for guests to shill books, movies, TV shows, and whatnot. Sort-of LIVE! with two Regises and a younger Cathy Lee. Carlson’s journalsim credentials are similar to Kathy Lee Gifford‘s: she is the winner of the 1989 Miss America pageant. Over time the show has morphed into a right wing indoctrination session designed to propagandize viewers when they are at their most vulnerable: just after they have awakened and as they are dizzily gulping their first caffeine hit of the day. Gretchen has replaced Mary Hart as the woman on TV most likely to cause viewers to have epileptic fits. Lately Carlson has become enamored of the concept of “A War On X” where “X” can be “Christmas”, “Religion”, “The Family”, or just about anything except the Republican  war on women. While it is true that if one watches “Fox and Friends” closely Carlson does provide more upskirt action than any other cable news personality, this does not effectively offset her generally nonsensical reasoning to justify the latest conservative talking points.

PROPOSITION: Is it wrong to hope Fox will send Gretchen Carlson to do a location report from the African savannah, and that while she is there hyenas will drag Gretchen Carlson off into the underbrush, never to be heard from again?

2016 UPDATE: As it turns-out, Roger Ailes, Gretchen Carlson’s boss, was one of the hyenas – but Gretchen fought back and now the hyena works for Donald Trump. Thanks a lot, Gretchen – hope you enjoy your $20 million settlement while the rest of us live with wearing “Trump” name badges 24-hours a day, and are required to salute our superiors in “The Organization” (the U.S. A.) with two big thumbs up.

5 comments on “Is It Wrong?

  1. personally, I hope the concept of War on X does not morph into War on List of X. Although, if it does improve the probability of Gretchen Carlson sent to African savanna, it may be worth it.

    • So your subtle ploy of getting a plug for your blog into the comments here won’t be wasted, you have been officially linked via the “Better Sites Than This” page, with ten points awarded for craven salesmanship.

      • Thank you for checking out my blog! And I am truly flattered and surprised that my shameless plugging ended up with me on “better than” list and not on the “people to kill next” list🙂 I should do the same to your blog once I figure out how. After all, your blog (specifically, the post with the GSA exec in the bathtub) already has the distinction of being the only blog (not counting mine) that I had ever plugged.

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