Romney To Reid: I’ve Always Paid At Least Half What Middle Class Pays

In his latest response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claim that he paid no taxes for ten years, Mitt Romney says he has “never paid less than 13 percent” in taxes. Romney added “so that should lay to rest any of these claims that I’m part of the ‘1%’ – I’m part of the 13%! Maybe people like Bill Gates pay 1% – he’s a lot richer than I am so his tax rate must be pretty low.”

If the “middle class” is considered those making between $60k and $200k per year, then Romney has paid about half what the average middle class income earner pays, and about 1/3 what the high-end middle class income earner pays. Romney’s wealth is estimated at between $190 and $250┬ámillion. He has amassed twice the net worth of the last eight U. S. presidents combined,and would rank among the four richest in American history if elected.

Romney still has made no effort to release his tax returns to refute Reid’s claims.