Don’t Let Republicanism Happen To You

Above is an image of young Republican women in 1941 consulting the infamous Tarot cards of conservatism. Every one of these unfortunate women is now dead – victims of the hellish scourge called Republicanism. Of course at first it felt good: fighting communism and Democrats, keeping minorities in their place, denying other women equal rights and access to health care. But over time the effects were wearing, sapping the very life essence from these women until over 60 years later not a single one has survived.

Medical experts and left-wing pundits have known about the deleterious effects of Republicanism on men for almost 150 years: testicular atrophy, preoccupation with greed and hair loss, and the desire to have sex with congressional staffers. But the horrible toll on females has been ignored like most other female conditions like cervical cancer and being attracted to assholes with nice cars.

Haven’t women suffered and even died in silence long enough? Support the effort to stamp out Republicanism by¬†voting for just anyone else at all this November!