Author Gladwell Says People Will Forget Steve Jobs

Author Malcolm Gladwell says that within 50 years most people will have forgotten who Steve Jobs was, but Bill Gates will be remembered as one of the most important human beings who ever lived. Gladwell also thinks Jerry Sandusky is innocent, John Edwards got a raw deal, and Newt Gingrich is beautiful.

Now Bill Gates Wants To Control The Weather

According to CNN, Bill Gates has applied for several patents intended to slow-down hurricanes as they approach land. “We’ve found a way to run the weather on Windows” Gates said at a press conference. “We estimate this will take 75% of the power right out of things like hurricanes, slowing them to a crawl.” When asked how secure this new weather system would be, Gates said “Hey, it’s Windows – what could go wrong?”

The only hitch in the plan is the need to build a laptop 8,000 miles wide, with a backlit display as large as the sky. Dell is said to be in negotiations to provide the hardware.