SCOTUS To Lower Court: Revisit Obamacare Decision

Average, reasonable people demonstrate against things that only affect other people.

The Supreme Court has ordered the 4th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals to re-examine its 2011 decision that blocked a suit by Liberty University, a pretend-college that gets federal money to indoctrinate students with right-wing Christian propaganda, and is used to launder money by Jerry Falwell’s evangelical empire. The case of Liberty University v. Geithner (11-438) was blocked by the appeals court on jurisdictional grounds after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act, also  known as Obamacare, because the Supreme Court decision invalidated all pending suits against the act.

Liberty University had claimed that Obamacare would lead to taxpayer dollars funding abortions and contraception – which is not illegal under current law – and claimed the law’s provisions violated so-called “religious freedom”, a concept that has no legal standing. The only mention of religion in the Constitution insures that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, which has been interpreted to mean there can be no state-sponsored religion, and which is part of the foundation for the separation of church and state.

Liberty University refiled its suit after the Supreme Court decision that validated Obamacare. The mandate to the appeals court is seen as a first step to hearing the case in the Supreme Court.

Sponsors Desert Limbaugh In Droves

As many as seven sponsors have deserted the Rush Limbaugh Show since the conservative radio commentator called a college student a "slut" and a "prostitute" for testifying in favor of birth control coverage before Congress.

First We Can’t Steal – Now We Can’t Lie

CNN reports that “open” encyclopedia Wikipedia isn’t quite as open as it was. Due to the large number of factual errors, inadvertant and otherwise, that not so much creep as run head-long into the site, the publishers are “assigning editors to some of its entries. These trusted volunteers likely would have to approve public edits before they’re published to English-language stories about living people”. Since it is well known that Wikipedia users simply lie for the fun of it, this would suggest that it is no longer okay to lie about living people who can hire lawyers. On the other hand, it still seems to be open season on the living and the dead in any language other than English.

“We discovered that only English speakers lie” said Wilhelmina Straus-Grolsh, President in Charge of User Discipline at Wikipedia. To quote the CNN story: “In January, for example, Wikipedia entries about Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd falsely stated both U.S. senators had died”. Which of course is no longer incorrect, as Kennedy passed-away yesterday, and science has recently learned Byrd has been dead for over 16 years.

Another famous example is when television satire satirist Stephen Colbert exhorted his audience to change the Wikipedia entry for “Elephant” to indicate that Africa is currently suffering an elephant population explosion. In fact, because of wide acceptance of birth control by elephants (who are notoriously Protestant), there are only two left, both males, and in a comitted, loving relationship. Consequently the African pachyderm prophylactic industry has collapsed, leaving thousands out of work who have taken to poaching rhinos for thier horn, which Wikipedia states is a “guaranteed aphrodisiac”.