Crotch Bomber Babe’s Boobs

This is hysterical. Here’s a story on CNN’s site about some of the passengers on the plane that the infamous Crotch Bomber tried to blow-up last Christmas. First, about half the comments are about Melinda Dennis’ boobs – which she is very obviously shoving at the camera (perhaps with visions of her own reality series dancing in her head?). And if they aren’t talking about them, they’re speculating that the whole thing was somehow a government set-up, apparently because the U.S. intelligence services don’t think peopleĀ are scared enough to fly?

Just when you think stuff might be making sense, reality goes awry like this to prolong our constant state of confusion.

I Am Just SO Behind This

Free Your Breasts, Free Your Mind” Obviously the one naturally follows from the other. As long as we oppress womens’ breasts, can any of us truly be free? Of course we don’t want to go too far with this – I think maybe there should be some age limitations, like no one over 60 should be allowed to run around all floppy be they male or female. Some things are just gross.