Ron Paul Has Bowel Movement, Becomes A Liberal

GOP Presidential contender Ron Paul ate some prunes while at a campaign stop, and as a result had his first bowel movement since his 1988 campaign as a Libertarian: "It was eye-opening" the candidate said, "among other things...."

Ron Paul made a campaign stop to a rest home in Iowa where he dined with residents and ate some stewed prunes.

“I never shit so much in my life!” Paul commented after exiting a restroom. “I now feel really bad about all that racist and homophobic stuff in my newsletters and in my book ‘Freedom Under Siege: The U.S. Constitution after 200-Plus Years’, now available from and at all major booksellers.”

Dick Cheney’s New Book

Ex-Vice President (accent on "vice") Dick Cheney's new book is available in all formats: hardback, paperback, ebook, braille, audio, and as a blank-pages book for those who want to learn just as much without all the actual reading.