House Passes GOP Budget Plan

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Thursday passed the GOP leadership's 2013 budget plan by a partisan 228-191 vote.

Minnesota Closes Due To Budget Impasse

Minnesota Democrats and Republicans debate the effect of their budget impasse.

The State of Minnesota closed-down after state lawmakers failed to resolve a budget impasse. Democrats want to cut the state’s $3.6 billion deficit by raising taxes, while Republicans want to cut spending. The budget deadline passed and the new fiscal year began with no resolution, throwing 20,000 state employees out of work and closing almost all state facilities.

Only Minnesota transport workers were on the job, placing large “Closed – turn around and go back where you came from” signs on all roads crossing the state border.

Political Math

Republicans are criticizing “Obamanomics” – President Obama’s plan to cut the deficit by a trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Instead the GOP is touting its plan to cut the deficit by $100 billion dollars a year, which over the next ten years amounts to…umm…about a trillion dollars.