Gingrich “Suspends” Campaign The Same Way Death “Suspends” Life

Newt “I Could’a Been A Contender” Gingrich announced he is suspending his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination due to a severe case of no longer being able to ignore reality. Gingrich couldn’t quite bring himself to endorse Mitt Romney – he’s probably planning to withhold that plum until he can make a deal to be vice-president or secretary of state.

Biden To Play Key Role In Obama Campaign

Vice President Joe Biden unveils his campaign bus.

Vice President Joe Biden is prepared to play a key role in campaign battleground states “by staying out of them” a source close to the Obama reelection effort revealed.

Biden, who is affectionately known as “Old Foot-in-Mouth” among those close to Obama has been restricted to traveling to Orange County, California “because really, what damage can he do there?” the unnamed source said.

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