It’s All Right There On The Map

China is shaped like a chicken, and as ancient traditions teach us “a chicken without wings cannot fly, a chicken without legs cannot run, but a chicken without a beak cannot peck”. This is why China is so concerned with Southeast Asia (legs) and the Korean Peninsula (beak): it is obvious the chicken must eat to grow powerful and then confront the issue of running. So the Koreas are first on China’s list of conquests.

China map

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Donald Trump sees this. Donald Trump knows this. Donald Trump knows that while everyone else in the world is working to influence the outcome of the Syrian civil war, the real menace is the chicken getting its beak and its legs back. This is why he’s using Taiwan as the chink in China’s armor to gradually gain the upper-hand on the Chinese government, however that works. Just look at the map: Taiwan isn’t even part of the chicken!

Donald Trump knows China’s threats to go to war over Taiwan, and the United States decades-long policy of protecting Taiwan while not recognizing them officially is all a bunch of b.s. because Korea is obviously China’s first priority – it’s half-way in control of the northern part of the peninsula, which is like the chicken having nostrils, but it eventually must control the southern extremity to have a tongue and to peck.

No – China will always back-down over Taiwan because it’s just a feather that has fallen-off, or something, and not a real body part which is what the chicken must concentrate on to be whole and able to take over the world. And Donald Trump knows it. And he knows that in a war with China Taiwan would be an excellent base of operations for the U.S., but China probably doesn’t realize that being so involved with it’s missing body parts and all – so it’s important to support Taiwan’s independence because then it’s a different country and China wouldn’t want to break international law by attacking its neighbors, right? Defuses the whole situation!

Donald Trump knows this.

China Lifts Ban On Lesbian Blood Donation

China has lifted a 14-year ban on blood donation by lesbians, enacted in 1998 as an anti-HIV measure. The change is widely seen as recognition by the communist regime that behavior rather than sexual orientation contributes to the spread of HIV/AIDS.

UPDATE: Gay men are still banned from donating blood in the United States, and have been since the 1980s, although there is a movement in Congress to end this ban.

Schwarzenegger And Stallone Use Black Market Transplants To Stay Young

Movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone prepare for a new movie together by having their glands replaced in a clinic in Hong Kong.

Goodwill Basketball Game Ends In Fight

A goodwill basketball game between the U.S. Georgetown college team and the Chinese military Bayi Rockets turned into a fist-fight Thursday.

The fight seems to be a misunderstanding. In Chinese the words “Geolge Towrn” mean “Fuck You Little Chinese Assholes”; while in English the words “Bayee Rochets” means absolutely nothing.

Congress And President Reach Debt Agreement

Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona announces the landmark debt agreement that will pave the way for a U.S. debt ceiling increase so we can borrow more money from China.

Riots Break Out In China

Riots broke-out in Xintang, China and officials from the Chinese government say “Western agitators” are responsible for the unrest, although it’s hard to see what connection there might be to events in the Western Hemisphere.

Rioters in Xintang, China took to the streets and overturned cars.