Calm The Fuck Down!

Look this is getting stupid. Stuff like this and the furore over “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is not only stupid it’s dangerous. You can’t “edit” society based on your personal problems. Taking this stuff to its logical conclusion:

  • You should no longer say “hello” because Christians will get pissed because the word “hell” is in there.
  • You should no longer say “pissed” because someone somewhere has a urinary tract infection.
  • Stop shaking hands – some people don’t have them.
  • Stop saying “hand”, “I”, and “cap” because some people are handicapped.
  • Being tall is unfair to short people.
  • People with hair should shave their heads because bald people can’t grow hair.
  • Stop having children – infertile people are sensitive.
  • There are far more dead people than live people – in solidarity everyone who is alive should die immediately.



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