Congress Investigates DEA Prostitution Charges

There must be something in the water in Cartagena, Colombia. In addition to the 11 Secret Service agents and military personnel implicated in paying prostitutes for sex in the South American city, now three Drug Enforcement Agency agents are being investigated by the House Homeland Security Committee.

Meanwhile, At The Pentagon….

Rep. King Wants To Know If Agents Paid Prostitutes With Govt. Funds

Rep. Peter King (R - NY), House Homeland Security Committee Chairman, has asked Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan if agents used government-supplied per diem money to pay Colombian prostitutes.

Clinton And Staff Party In Colombia

Apparently Cartagena is quite the party town. While 11 Secret Service agents were getting serviced by 21 prostitutes, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and her staff were whooping it up during a night out on the town. No word on who was footing the bill, but a good guess would be YOU!

Secret Service/Military Scandal In Colombia Deepens

The security clearances of 11 members of the Secret Service have been suspended pending an investigation into allegation the agents engaged the services of prostitutes while in Colombia. The agents were in the capital Cartagena to prepare for President Barack Obama's visit there. Also being investigated are from five to ten "military troops" who were working with the Secret Service agents.

U.S. Secret Service Agents Relieved Of Duty

As many as 11 Secret Service members have been relieved of duty and placed on administrative leave. The uniformed and plainclothes agents were in Colombia to prepare for President Barack Obama's upcoming visit to that country. The agents are accused of hiring prostitutes and bringing them to their hotel rooms, where one of the alleged sex workers refused to leave because, in her words, "they owe me money".

The U.S. Secret Service, the agency charged with providing security for the nation’s top political officials, has placed 11 of its agents on administrative leave. The agents were in Colombia preparing for President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit there. It is alleged that they hired prostitutes.

“This is outrageous!” one member of Congress said. “Here we are in the midst of the worst economy in decades, when all of us in government are cutting back on our expenditures on prostitutes, and these Secret Service agents are catching South American coochie on the taxpayers’ dime?”

But the Service’s Assistant Director Paul Morrissey played-down the incident: “This is standard operating procedure, ever since the Kennedy administration. You never know when the President or a member of his party might want to pull-down some local tail, and we’ve got to make sure none of it is concealing any improvised explosive devices.”