Romney Tax Plan A Windfall For Wealthy And Corporations

Mitt Romney’s tax plan does wonders for everyone except the middle class, the poor, and the deficit (which the Supreme Court says is a person – a really sad, depressed, person up to their ears in debt).

Mitt Romney’s tax plan will benefit the wealthiest Americans and corporations, increase the deficit by $480 billion in 2015 alone, and do almost nothing for everyone else. That’s according to the Tax Policy Center, a calculator, and the rules of arithmetic – all of which have a left-leaning liberal bias.

Romney’s campaign spokesperson says there will be no deficit increase because the cuts are paid for by a combination of “economic growth, base broadening and spending restraint,” and she added “we’re pretty-sure fairies and pixie dust will also be a big help”.

“Here’s The Story Of A Super Committee….”

The Congressional Debt Super Committee is up against its deadline and apparently no closer to an agreement than ever, and Jan is blaming Marsha.

Members of the Congressional Super Committee charged with forging a bipartisan debt reduction agreement have been making the rounds of political chat shows, and are signaling they are no closer to agreement than they ever have been. There is one sign of movement: Republicans on the committee are saying the words “tax revenue” without the strained look of constipation they have shown in the past.

Republican mathematical theory is no better than ever though, as they insist they will increase tax revenue by lowering tax rates, keeping the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and gutting programs for the poor, elderly, and disabled such as Medicare – or “Communist Wealth Redistribution”, as they like to call it.

Democrats insist the Bush tax cuts must end, and that increased taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and moderate cuts to programs will ensure debt is brought under control without casting the low-income segment of the population to the wolves (i.e. Republicans).

Except for these differences they are in complete agreement as to how debt reduction can be accomplished. And if they don’t come to an agreement by November 23, and if Congress doesn’t pass legislation based on an agreement by December 23, draconian spending cuts will automatically be enacted, not only cutting entitlement programs but the Republican sacred-cow, the defense budget.

The smart money in Vegas is on Draco.

President, Congressional Leaders Strike Debt Agreement

President Barack Obama explains the reasoning behind doing just about nothing.

President Barack Obama and House and Senate leaders announced today they have reached an agreement on the U.S. debt. The plan calls for increasing the nation’s debt ceiling to avoid default, and then convening some kind of congressional committee later sometime to do something about reducing the deficit, maybe.

The plan might reduce spending by a trillion dollars someday, and there might also be tax reform to increase revenues, although no one is sure.

The agreement does clear the way for both Republicans and Democrats to move forward with their election campaigns without the distraction of taking care of the nation’s business, and without being pinned-down to any real policy that might prove unpopular with one or the others’ constituencies.

So after weeks of fighting, arguing, whining, moaning, crying, threatening, and acting like spoiled children, the nation’s leaders have decided to go back to business as usual.

Go figure.

Political Math

Republicans are criticizing “Obamanomics” – President Obama’s plan to cut the deficit by a trillion dollars over the next ten years.

Instead the GOP is touting its plan to cut the deficit by $100 billion dollars a year, which over the next ten years amounts to…umm…about a trillion dollars.