GraceLessLand Political Endorsement

Like all truly progressive political organizations GraceLessLand wants to effect change in our social and political system. We recognize that the current two party system is rigged to create a power sharing monopoly between the Republican and Democrat parties. As long as this sham exists there is no actual democracy in America.

For this reason, this election year, GraceLessLand is taking the extraordinary step of endorsing you for political office. For congress, the senate, and even for the high exalted office of president, we want you to use your write-in vote to vote for yourself!

Only by electing you can you ensure that you are truly represented in Washington D.C.! No one knows what you want better than you yourself. You know what you need to do to fix your economy. You know what you will pay in taxes. You know how you want to reform your health care system. And only you know what you can do to make your foreign policy reflect what you believe is the proper place you should have in the international community.

So strike a blow for democracy in America this election by joining millions of other Americans in voting for themselves. Your vote matters!

How Did We Miss This?: McCain Almost Endorses Obama

Senator John McCain, who defeated Mitt Romney in 2008 for the Republican nomination for president, slipped-up and almost endorsed President Barack Obama instead of Romney at a campaign appearance in Goose Creek Patch, SC, back in January.

Donald Trump Endorses A Cringing Mitt Romney

Former non-candidate Donald Trump took a moment out from being rich Thursday and gave his political support to GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump gave his political endorsement to Republican candidate Mitt Romney in a move that is traditionally taken by other candidates who have dropped-out of a race. While Trump did seem to toy with the idea of a run for the Republican nomination in early 2011, he never actually became a candidate.

“My hair is for Gingrich and my eyebrows support Ron Paul, but my lips are for Mitt Romney” Trump said in the announcement that was inexplicably broadcast over all media channels everywhere. “Even if he is involved in some weird religion that worships hormones, that’s just another sign of what a great country America is, where even someone who is into some crazy cult where they marry their sisters can get an endorsement from me.”

“The Apprentice!” Trump added.

Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich

Former GOP presidential candidate and ex-pizza magnate Herman Cain has announced he is endorsing ex-representative and former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Newt Gingrich as his choice for the Republican party presidential candidate for 2012. And the reason he took such a long sentence to do it was to avoid any questions about his and Gingrich's extra-marital affairs.