Just in time to qualify for the usual “second election controversy” most presidents get – it’s really like the media and the politicians conspire to save-up this stuff to spring it at the appropriate time.

Anyway – “Executive Privilege” is the presidential synonym for “cover-up a cover-up”. This is when the administration publicly covers-up a secret cover-up. Now, if the administration has a friendly congress this will usually work. If an unfriendly one it leads to high-level “special” investigations and hearings. With a split congress it can go either way, but will almost certainly lead to total gridlock as both sides devote all their time to playing “gotcha” instead of doing the country’s business.

The administration strategy: keep playing “hide the salami” until after the election and if they win it becomes a lame-duck nuisance.

The opposition strategy: keep on-target trying to make the administration dig itself a deeper hole until there are so many outstanding questions and allegations that people go over to their side just to feel clean.

The usual outcome: lower-level bureaucrats lose their jobs, millions and millions in tax money is spent on political pissing contests, and no substantive governmental work gets done.

Melson Reassigned Over Gun Screw-Up

Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson talks with the media about the "Fast and Furious" fiasco.

The acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has been reassigned to a lesser position due to his involvement in the so-called “Fast and Furious” weapons fiasco, which resulted in the ATF selling literally thousands of automatic weapons to buyers representing Mexican drug cartels.

“Really the dumbass should go to prison” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “But since that might reveal my own and the Obama administration’s role in this thing, that obviously isn’t going to happen. So instead we’ve sent him to the oblivion of being a ‘senior adviser’, like in Antarctica.”