First Florence Henderson – Now Fidel Castro

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He was of a generation of tense bullshit people like Nixon, Khrushchev, The Shah of Iran, Yasser Arafat, etc. that made growing-up in the 1960s and 1970s a special, colorful, subtextually frightening time.

Romney Criticizes Obama For Allowing Castro Daughter Into U.S.

Mariela Castro Espín, head of Cuba’s National Center for Sex Education, has been granted a visa to visit the U.S. to chair a panel on LGBT issues at the Latin American Studies Association in San Francisco. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and other GOP leaders are criticizing the Obama administration for allowing Espin into the U.S., as she is the daughter of Cuban leader Raul Castro and the niece of Cuban strongman Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro Still Valiantly Not Dead

CNN reports “New images show healthier Fidel Castro“. Healthier than what? The Cuban economy? At this point if air is going into and coming out of this guy, that’s pretty healthy. I’m only surprised his brother Raul hasn’t given him the old pillow-over-face send off. Every day Cubans wake up, turn on their old black and white Philco television sets, and, while their wood-burning ’56 Chevy warms up in the driveway, they check the news to see if nature has freed them yet. Hell, there’s more stuff to buy in the stores in Baghdad than in Havana. People there have no fear of hurricanes, because what’s one more big wind bag running roughshod over the island? Hey I got a million of ’em….