Romney Paid 14% On $21 Million

Mitt Romney, once considered the only real choice for the GOP presidential nomination only to see his prospects fade in the bloated shadow of Newt Gingrich, released his tax returns late Monday. The documents revealed he is part of the 0.01%.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finally released his tax returns late Monday after several weeks of stalling. The documents reveal Romney paid just $3 million in income tax on a declared income of over $21 million.

“I realize that looks like I don’t pay as much as the average person, let alone a multimillionaire – but I had a lot of deductions this year” Romney said. “For example – and you can’t see that on the forms because it isn’t itemized – but for example my wife had extensive dental work done. That really cut things down.”

Probably most surprising was the fact that Romney filed the 1040-EZ form. “It’s a little known provision of the tax code, but if you’re super-rich you can do whatever you want. It’s perfectly legal!”