Latest Freedom House Report On Free Speech On The Internet

Here is a story about the latest Freedom House Freedom On The Net report, and here is a link to the full PDF report. China is reported to be the most repressive nation, tightly controlling Internet access and bloggers. Russia and Saudi Arabia are also high on the Internet repression list, along with countries like Iran and Egypt.

The U.S. is called a “free” nation in regards to Internet access and rights of users, although the political battles over SOPA and PIPA are termed a potential “threat” and “would have suppressed legitimate, unquestionably legal speech”. The primary problems with access in the U.S. are due to infrastructure:

Although the United States is one of the most connected countries in the world, it has fallen behind many other developed countries in terms of internet speed, cost, and broadband availability. In 2011, approximately 78 percent of all Americans had access to the internet, but only 66 percent of adults used high-speed broadband connections. While the broadband penetration rate is considered high by global standards, it puts the United States significantly behind countries such as Japan, South Korea, Norway, and Sweden.

“TruckNutz” Becoming Legal, Social Issue

“TruckNutz”, the plastic testicles drivers hang from the bumper of a vehicle as a novelty, have lead to fines and even arrests for indecency. One case pits driver Virginia Tice, 65, against Bonneau, S.C. police chief, Franco Fuda. Both parties are seeking a jury trial to decide if plastic testicles are indecent or protected speech.