Complaints About New iPhone 4

Twenty four hours after becoming available to the public complaints about the new iPhone 4 are pouring in to manufacturer Apple Inc.

Most users are complaining that the phone loses signal if you place your fingers in certain areas of the new external antenna that surrounds the unit as a stainless steel strip. Others are having problems getting connected to the Internet.

“But most people are complaining that their lives haven’t become better, more interesting, or somehow magical” said an Apple spokesperson. “This is a training issue, really – there are apps for all of those things.”

Many users are confused by the choice of colors. “It took about two hours for me to make up my mind” one purchaser said. “Black or white? White or black? I’m not used to so many choices!”

Still others were troubled by the design. “It’s glass on both sides. I thought mine was defective because no matter how I poked it with my fingers nothing happened. Then I turned it over….”

The new iPhone 4 comes in your choice of Urban Black or Supremacist White.