Gas Prices Coincidentally Rise Just Before Election

A combination of refining and transportation problems in the Midwest and on the West Coast have driven gas prices up just in time for the November elections, the same way they always do when an incumbent Democrat is running for re-election to the Presidency.

Forecast: Gas To Drop Below $3 Per Gallon

Oil industry organizations like the Oil Price Information Service are reporting the price of benchmark West Texas Intermediate Crude has fallen to the lowest level since last October at $78.20 per barrel. Prices are expected to continue to drop to a level that will bring gas down to below $3 per gallon “by Halloween, and certainly by Thanksgiving,” says Tom Kloza of OPIS.

This is good news for consumers, and even better news for President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Prices of over $5 per gallon had been predicted due to Middle East “tensions” and refinery problems. Apparently the market feels those problems are over, and Obama will claim some of the credit for that due to his policies in the Middle East, even though the entire region is essentially a powder keg of unrest and revolution and new “tensions” could cause oil prices to rise at any moment.

Obama Says He Doesn’t Want High Gas Prices

At a recent press conference Fox News correspondent Ed Henry asked President Obama how he would respond to criticism that he wants gas prices to increase.