Murderer Zimmerman To Box Rapper DMX

(Click the image to read the full story at

(Click the image to read the full story at

What’s most pathetic about this is “Entertainment” was the only category this seemed to fit in.

Zimmerman Interviewed By Hannity

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin in a nighttime confrontation in Florida, sat for an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. In the interview Zimmerman said the tragic killing was part of “God’s plan”, and that he shot Martin because the young man was reaching for Zimmerman’s gun, essentially saying if he hadn’t had a gun there would have been no reason to shoot Martin.

This is the first time Zimmerman has mentioned having an accomplice, and police are looking for God as a “deity of interest”.

UPDATE: Apparently Zimmerman’s going rate for an interview is a month of “shelter and security”. We’re sure Hannity would have paid more (and may have).

Florida Woman Gets 20 Years For Firing Warning Shot

Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot to scare-off her abusive husband. Though she used Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law as her defense, State Attorney Angela Corey successfully prosecuted her for aggravated assault. Corey is the State Attorney handling the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman murder case.

NBC Fires Producer Of Edited Zimmerman Tape

NBC has apparently fired the producer responsible for the edited 911 tape of George Zimmerman speaking shortly before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. The edited tape makes it appear as if Zimmerman offers a "racial profiling" of Martin, when actually the 911 operator asked Zimmerman to report Martin's race.