Replace One Word In A Movie Title With “Bacon”

A challenge posed by Mind Bender on Google+ – here are all the ones I could think of:

“Something About Bacon”
“Meet The Bacon”
“Rambo: First Bacon”
“Bacon: Impossible”
“Babe: Bacon In the City”
“The Dark Bacon Rises”
“Monty Python’s Life Of Bacon”
“Never Say Bacon Again”
“From Russia With Bacon”
“Indiana Jones And The Bacon Of Doom”
“The Empire Strikes Bacon”
“Close Encounters Of The Bacon Kind”
“2001: A Bacon Odyssey”
“Oh Bacon Where Art Thou?”
“High Plains Bacon”
“Bacon’s 11”
“Hard Day’s Bacon”
“Manhattan Bacon Mystery”
“Dead Bacon Walking”
“Around the Bacon In 80 Days”
“Bacon Shrugged”
“The Bacon Of The Roman Empire”
“Bacon Hur”
“Some Like It Bacon”
“Those Magnificent Men In Their Bacon Machines”
“Bacon Poppins”
“Journey To The Center Of The Bacon”
“20,000 Leagues Under The Bacon”
“Bacon and The Tramp”
“The Sword In The Bacon”
“It’s A Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon World”
“Bacon Of The Antarctic”
“The Abominable Snow Bacon”
“Day The Bacon Stood Still”
“When Bacon Collides”
“Bacon And the Argonauts”
“Bacon Kong”
“The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Bacon”
“The Lord Of The Rings: The Bacon Towers”
“The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The Bacon”
“How To Marry A Baconnaire”
“The Maltese Bacon”
“Bacon Indemnity”
“Chitty Chitty Bacon Bacon”
“Bye Bye Bacon”
“The Bacon Thief”
“Bacon Of A Nation”
“Bacon The Barbarian”
“The Baconator”
“Raw Bacon”
“True Bacon”
“Dirty Bacon”
“Bacon Dancing”
“Bacon Of The Magnificent Seven”
“Bring Me The Bacon Of Alfredo Garcia”
“A Streetcar Named Bacon”
“Teahouse Of The August Bacon”

Google Reveals What A Complete Tool Google Is

Google has released a “transparency report” that reveals it is working hand-in-glove with international governmental agencies to censor its search results and to rat-out its users. The report shows that in the last half of 2011, the United States alone requested 6,192 individual pieces of content be removed from Google’s search results, blog posts or archives of online videos. That’s a 718% increase from the first half of 2011, and Google complied with 42% of those requests.

It’s difficult to know which is worse: the idea that U.S. attempts to censor the Internet increased by 718% in just six months, or that Google caved-in on almost half of them.