Idaho Proposal Would Make “Atlas Shrugged” Required Reading



Idaho state Sen. John Goedde has proposed a law to make “Atlas Shrugged” required reading in the state’s schools. “Already millions of Americans think of Idaho as a refuge for neo-Nazis, survivalists, gun nuts, and bizarre religious cults – why not add that we’re a bunch of Randies to that?” Goedde said.

Gingrich Loses All But One State On Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney maintained his lead but did not get a mandate in the crucial "Super Tuesday" primaries in ten states. The only question is will Ron Paul now drop out of the race after failing to place first in any state? Of course even though he only won his home state of Georgia, and then not by that big a margin, Newt "Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands" Gingrich will feel justified in painfully drawing out his pathetic attempt to get attention.