After All “Gringo” Does Mean “Fat-Assed White Folks With Too Much Money”



McCain Wants Tracking Bracelets On Immigrant Children

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Supreme Court Rules Against Arizona Immigration Law

The United States Supreme Court struck-down key provisions of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, siding with the Federal government in its contention that it has jurisdiction on immigration issues. Some parts of the law the Court invalidated include:

  • Authorizing police to arrest immigrants without warrant where “probable cause” exists that they committed any public offense making them removable from the country.
  • Making it a state crime for “unauthorized immigrants” to fail to carry registration papers and other government identification.
  • Forbidding those not authorized for employment in the United States to apply, solicit or perform work. That would include immigrants standing in a parking lot who “gesture or nod” their willingness to be employed.

However, the Court let stand the most controversial part of the law, allowing police to check a person’s immigration status when enforcing other laws. Though the Court did leave open the possibility this provision can be re-visited in the future on different grounds.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who championed the draconian law, claimed the Court decision was a “victory” because apparenly in Arizona having your ass handed to you by the highest court in the land is somehow “winning”.

Web Site Reporter Interrupts Obama Statement

A reporter from a Washington Web site interrupted President Barack Obama as he was announcing his decision not to deport some illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. as children. Many conservatives have criticized the new policy, saying it “molly-coddles” illegals and treats them as if they were harmless children. Which many of them are.

Front-Runner Gingrich Clarifies Stance On Immigration Reform

GOP poll-leader Newt Gingrich explains his stance on keeping families together when dealing with illegal immigrants, a key point he made during the latest GOP debate. Gingrich then blessed the audience with the approved "two-fingered Jesus" genuflection.

GraceLessLand Flashback: Elian Gonzalez

A State Dept. Representative persuades Elian Gonzalez to return to Cuba

Fortunately, Joe Wilson HAS The Guts

It takes real guts to heckle the President of the United States, particularly if you are a member of Congress, and especially if the┬áPresident is addressing Congress at the time. Fortunately for the proud people of South Carolina, Representative Joe Wilson has the guts. Lots of ’em, hanging-out all over his belt buckle, and probably seething with the kind of stomach acid even grits won’t soak up.

Wilson shouted “You lying negro commie socialist wetback lover!” (or words to that effect) at one point during President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday night, when Obama assured the Congress and the nation that his new Health Care plan would not cover illegal aliens. Later in the speech, Obama called for civility in the health care debate, at which point Wilson vomited down the front of his shirt.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R - SC) charges the podium during President Obama's address to Congress Wednesday night. A few minutes earlier Wilson vomited a large blue tie down the front of his shirt

Rep. Joe Wilson (R - SC) charges the podium during President Obama's address to Congress Wednesday night. A few minutes earlier Wilson vomited a large blue tie down the front of his shirt

Undeterred, Obama went on to summon the ghost of the late Ted Kennedy. Kennedy duly appeared, floating in the air above the audience and, giggling, peed on Senate minority leader Mitch McConnel. Several in the audience said the tubby spectre seemed to be intoxicated.

After the speech, Wilson called the White House to apologize, saying “I’m sorry you’re a lying negro commie socialist wetback lover – really, I am.” There was no report on if the apology was accepted.