Bachmann Says Immunizations Cause Retardation

While we’re fairly certain GOP presidential nomination candidate Michele Bachmann knows all about being retarded, she admits her claim that human papilloma virus immunizations given to children in Texas cause mental retardation is purely anecdotal. Bachmann tells how “a woman” at a campaign event told her the woman’s daughter became mentally disabled after receiving the shot.

Bachmann’s famous recalcitrance to admit a mistake was in full force, however, as she refused to deny the claim was false, only that people need to talk to the unknown, unidentified source to determine the truth. Therefore, in Bachmann’s alternate reality, she is merely a reporter or even a human recording of the woman’s claim – and so not in any way wrong.

Numerous medical authorities have stated categorically that the human papilloma virus vaccine does not cause mental retardation.

GOP presidential hopeful (Wing and a Prayer Division) Michele Bachmann relates yet another of her anecdotal second-hand facts.