14-Year-Old’s Study Shows iPad 2 Can Interfere With Pacemakers

(Click the image for the full story at FoxNews.com)

(Click the image for the full story at FoxNews.com)

iPad Crime Begins

Here’s a creepy little video on CNN of a man being robbed of his new iPad – and one of his fingers, apparently. You knew it was just a matter of time.

Teens Assault iPad In Broad Daylight

Over on YouTube there is this bit of post-modernist performance art wherein an iPad is beaten senseless with a baseball bat. The first time I saw this kind of art was when some kids destroyed a brand new XBox and a new PS3. But destroying a perfectly good Apple product is so much more symbolic of our society’s acceptance of corporate control. Remember the old MacIntosh commercial where the woman destroyed the screen with Big Brother on it? Things have now come full circle.

Also not to be missed: This episode of “Will It Blend” featuring the iPad.