Report: Holder Knew About Petraeus Affair

Fox News is reporting that Attorney General Eric Holder has known since late summer of the affair between CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus and writer Paula Broadwell. Many find it unbelievable that President Barack Obama only learned of the situation last Thursday in light of the revelations of Holder’s knowledge of the revelations of Petraeus’ affair.

“The timing between the President’s reelection and the start of the hearings into the CIA role in the Benghazi, Libya attacks is totally coincidental” a White House source said, adding “and even if it wasn’t what is anyone going to do about it now? The election is over! Nya nya nya nya nya!”

Petraeus met Broadwell, who is is appropriately named, when the much younger woman approached him as the subject of her graduate dissertation. Once Petraeus was put in command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan Broadwell traveled there and was, ahem, embedded with the general’s staff.