Kim Jong Il Is Dead

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has died according to North Korean media reports. Kim ruled the communist nation for 18 years.

Kim Jong Il, the North Korean dictator who led the West about by the nose for 18 years, has died according to North Korean media reports. His son Kim Jong Eun, who is reportedly just as insanely despotic as his father was.

Kim Jong Il assumed power in 1994 after the death of his father Kim Il Sung. During his lifetime Kim Jong Il was purported to have kidnapped foreigners to use as actors in movies, as sex slaves, and to elicit information.

He was widely regarded as a crackpot who had a startling ability to double-deal at the negotiating table, often leading Western powers to pay him huge bribes and then reneging on agreements. Under Kim Jong Il North Korea had an on-again, off-again nuclear weapons program that he used to blackmail foreign powers.

North Korea has been a major supplier of arms to terrorists and anti-Western militants. They are also suspected of trafficking in drugs, black market organs, and human beings.

Absolutely no one will really miss him.