Romney, Trump, Gingrich To Appear Together

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is scheduled to appear with Donald Trump and ex-rival Newt Gingrich in Las Vegas next week. Vegas bookmakers put the odds of eye-poking and multiple face slapping at only 2-1.

Raving JetBlue Captain Subdued By Passengers

Passengers aboard a JetBlue flight Bound from New York to Las Vegas subdued the captain of the flight, who apparently emerged from the cockpit raving about terrorists and Jesus. The plane made an emergency landing in Texas where the captain was arrested. "If he had waited until the end of the flight we wouldn't have been able to touch him" FAA authorities said, "because what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas."

Gingrich Blasts “Subway-Riding Elites”

GOP next-to-front-runner Newt "I Don't Need My Medication" Gingrich made an election appearance in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday where he made reference to "elites" who live in "high-rises" and "ride the subway". Obviously this is a case of something that happened in Vegas that didn't stay in Vegas.

Paris Hilton Busted In Vegas With Cocaine In Her Purse

Paris Hilton barfs on the lawn in front of the Las Vegas police station. She claims the suspect purse wasn't hers. "How could it be? It doesn't even match my shoes!"