Newt Gingrich Admits He Lied On National Television

GOP presidential candidate Newt "I Love Baloney" Gingrich has admitted he lied when he told CNN's John King several friends offered to rebut his ex-wife's statements, but ABC news "wasn't interested".

Newt Gingrich’s campaign has released a statement saying the ex-Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America lied during the GOP debate last week and in an interview on Tuesday.

In an interview with ABC’s “Nightline” program the candidate’s second abandoned wife, Marianne Gingrich, said her husband told her she would “just have to put up with” his affair with a congressional staffer, and that he wanted an “open marriage”.

“The story was false. Every personal friend I have who knew us in that period says the story is false. We offered several of them to ABC to prove it was false. They weren’t interested,” Gingrich said at the start of a CNN debate program last week. ABC has said no “friends” or other witnesses were brought to their attention. Gingrich then told King during an interview on Tuesday “If they’re saying that, then they’re not being honest. We had several people prepared to be very clear and very aggressive in their dispute about that, and (ABC News) wasn’t interested.”

Gingrich characterized the ABC statement as “just plain baloney”.

Now it appears the baloney is on the other foot. R. C. Hammond, the Gingrich campaign press secretary, admitted no “friends” came forward. “That would be unlikely in any event,” Hammond said. “All of Newt Gingrich’s friends abandoned him years ago the same way he abandons women. There’s no real reason for it – unless it’s because he is a liar, an adulterer, a corrupt politician, quite probably a criminal, has absolutely no integrity, and screws just about everyone he comes into contact with, both literally and figuratively. Other than that he’s a great guy and will make a great president of the United States!”

Michele Bachmann Says Family Didn’t Benefit From Govt Aid

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann explains how government money that went to her family doesn't make her a hypocrite when she talks about being a fiscal conservative.

GOP and Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann told a Fox News interviewer she has a “titanium spine for doing what we need to do” and a “fiberglass anus for bullshitting the American people”.

Bachmann addressed a Los Angeles Times report that her family has received government aid by claiming the money did not directly benefit her family. Her husband’s counseling business received approximately $30,000 for “employee training”, but Bachmann says that didn’t benefit him because “he wouldn’t have spent his own money on employee training – so he didn’t save anything there.”

Bachmann’s father-in-law received approximately $260,000 to help his farm, but Bachmann says “that money was to keep him from growing corn, because if he had grown corn there would have been more corn on the market, and the price of corn would have gone down, so he would have lost money on corn, if he had grown any”. Bachmann’s father-in-law died in 2009, but the congresswoman remains a partner in the farm.

Bachmann paints herself as an anti-deficit, anti-welfare, anti-Medicare, anti-human fiscal conservative. She has often criticized President Barack Obama’s “stimulus” policies, while at the same time she requested stimulus funding for her congressional district. She has also said that congressional “pork” is perhaps the biggest problem in Washington today, but said her own earmarks for transportation funds aren’t pork: “They’re maybe bologna – but all-beef, and maybe a little turkey – but no pork!”

Glenn Beck Details His Handling Of Historic Documents

While some critics are saying Glenn Beck lied about holding the original hand-written speech George Washington delivered at his inaugural, Beck himself claims to have had contact with many more historic U.S. documents.

Glenn Beck details his intimate experiences with American history.