Just When You Thought He Was Dead


I’ll bet even those fucks over at Coke or Pepsi or whoever set him on fire made money on this.

Third Anniversary Of Micheal Jackson’s Death

About the same time Michael Jackson died, Justin Bieber was just becoming famous. Coincidence?

Conrad Murray Guilty Of Manslaughter

Dr. Conrad Murray reacts to the verdict of guilty of manslaughter in the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

A jury found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of manslaughter in the death of pop star Michael Jackson on Monday. Murray was found guilty of a single count of manslaughter for administering a fatal dose of the drug Propofol to the now all-but-beatified Jackson, who just a few years ago was excoriated as a child molester and possible illegal alien from another galaxy.

Nothing rehabilitates a creep like death. A few years ago it was Jackson in the defendant’s chair and we were all talking about what a disgusting pervert he was. Now, because he died at the hand of an unethical doctor whom he paid to supply him with drugs, we’re all talking about how he deserves ‘justice’.

Circus Surrounding MJ Trial Full Of Clowns

They often style themselves as “advocates” who are “working for” Michael Jesus…err – JACKSON. They congregate outside the courthouse where Dr. Conrad Murray is being tried for involuntary manslaughter in the death of the famously freakish pop star. Some of them look like this:

This man is a minister. Guess who he worships.

Stiffing The Annual Stiff List

I am too old and tired to compile a Stiff List this year. So instead I’ll just link this cheesy Dead Celebrities list on CNN – even though it leaves-out some pretty prominent dead people.

“Skin Whitening Cream” Found In MJ’s Bedroom

This story on the Fox News site reveals what many have long suspected: Michael Jackson used skin whitening products to lighten his skin color. This is completely different than white people using skin darkening products to give themselves phony tans. That’s just to get a phony tan – everyone still knows you’re white. How many people knew Jackson was black? Oh, right – everybody.

CNN: MJ Died Of Propofol Overdose

….and not of being set on fire, living in pain, screwed-up plastic surgery, never having emotionally matured, living under the pressure of being the center-piece of a multi-million-dollar entertainment empire with literally hundreds if not thousands of people dependent on his talents, or of being abused by his father and used as a meal ticket by the rest of his family, or of self-doubt and self-loathing, or of trying to live up to the expectations of a jaded and shallow public, like we thought.


A few of the symptoms of being Michael Jackson - besides death, that is.

A few of the symptoms of being Michael Jackson - besides death, that is.