First Lady Talks About President’s Background And Accomplishments


The First Lady Michelle Obama made an impassioned speech at the opening night of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. She spoke of the President’s humble upbringing, his accomplishments, all without falling to the low level of campaign invective that has so far characterized the national elections. Although some might say making a big deal of the fact Barack Obama isn’t rich, and that he and running mate Joe Biden know the “value of honesty” is an indirect attack on rivals Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Some people like anyone who was paying attention.

Robert De Niro Makes Racist Comment At Obama Fundraiser

Robert De Niro spoke at an Obama campaign fundraiser in New York Monday.

Robert De Niro, known for his outspoken attitude and often subject to bouts of brain flatulence, said he doesn’t think the country is “ready for a white First Lady” at an Obama campaign fundraiser in New York Monday. First Lady Michelle Obama was headlining the event. Afterwards the First Lady’s office released a statement saying De Niro’s comment was “inappropriate, no matter how much we agree”.

“Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady? Too soon, right?” De Niro asked the Democrat crowd, who cheered in approbation of his racist joke.

“I do want to say one thing, both on behalf of my wife and on behalf of Karen Santorum and on behalf of Ann Romney, I think that Robert De Niro’s wrong. I think the country is ready for a new first lady and he doesn’t have to describe it in racial terms” Newt Gingrich declared in a strange moment of lucidity for someone who makes racist gaffes on an almost daily basis.

Rick Santorum also addressed the De Niro flap, saying “It’s just someone from Hollywood or someone from the entertainment industry just spouting off as they do. It’s sad, but I’m not going to bite on that one. It’s just sad. The idea of looking at politics through eyes of race should be over. That’s just over. I don’t know where he thinks he’s coming from.”

De Niro comes from New York.

Speaker Mike O’Neal Proves There’s No Evolution In Kansas

Kansas House Speaker Mike O'Neal explains why calling Michelle Obama "Mrs. Yomama" is really, truly funny.

Kansas State Representative and Speaker of the Kansas House Mike O’Neal, holder of the second highest office in the state and a member of the Republican party, thinks calling Michelle Obama “Mrs. Yomama” and urging fellow Republicans to pray for President Obama’s death are the utmost in Holiday Cheer.

O’Neal sent an email to numerous recipients that had the words “Separated At Birth?” over an image of Jim Carey in his “Grinch” costume next to First Lady Michelle Obama. “I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Mrs. YoMama a wonderful, long Hawaii Christmas vacation — at our expense, of course” the email read.

O’Neal apologized by saying “Cartoons are intended to be humorous. This one made me laugh — I’ve had bad hair days too. I forwarded it too quickly, missing the text included in the body of the mail. To those I have offended, I am sorry.”


O’Neal is, of course, the same Kansas representative who circulated an email that cites Psalm 109: “Let his days be few; and let another take his office. May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.”

“At last — I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our president,” O’Neal added.

Email: so easy even a caveman can send it.