Rush Limbaugh Weds For 11th Time

No – it’s the 4th time – it just seems like 11 to the ex-wives. The bride is 33-year-old Kathryn Rogers. Openly gay celebrity Elton John sang at the wedding – for money – making him an even bigger hypocrite than Limbaugh who openly hates gays.

The bride wore off-white – VERY off. The groom held the key to a metal box containing a videotape of the bride doing something more embarrassing and disgusting than marrying Rush Limbaugh.

Stock Market Drops 1,000 Points In A Minute

The terrible storms that shut-down much of the U.S. this winter didn’t do it. Earthquakes flattening entire countries didn’t do it. Political gridlock didn’t do it. Actual human beings didn’t do it.

A clerical error that temporarily made the stock value of Proctor and Gamble tank did it. In that minute millions of automated trading programs went to DefCon 4 and sold, sold, sold – everything. Which just proves you don’t actually need people to screw-up the economy – we’ve automated that now.

I wonder what all those people who used to screw-up the economy for a living will do now?