To Top It All Off NBC Cuts Musical Acts From Olympics

NBC cut performances by The Who, Ray Davies, Kate Bush, and Muse from their Olympic closing ceremony coverage to air a new program entitled “Animal Practice”. Apparently they felt the musical acts were too good and might clash with the rest of their Olympic presentation.

Kathy Lee Sticks Hoof In Mouth Interviewing Martin Short

Kathy Lee Gifford proved her interviewing skills haven’t changed a bit since leaving “Live! with Regis And Kathy Lee” when she talked with Martin Short on NBC’s “Today Show”.

NBC Fires Producer Of Edited Zimmerman Tape

NBC has apparently fired the producer responsible for the edited 911 tape of George Zimmerman speaking shortly before he shot and killed Trayvon Martin. The edited tape makes it appear as if Zimmerman offers a "racial profiling" of Martin, when actually the 911 operator asked Zimmerman to report Martin's race.

DMA: Meredith Atwell Baker

About four months ago the Federal Communications Commission approved the purchase of NBC Universal by Comcast, a deal that furthers Comcast’s goal of becoming the largest media monopoly on the planet. Notice the number of names there: Comcast NBC Universal – used to be just three major players in the media (themselves the product of older mergers), now consolidated into one.

The merger will give Comcast control of all of NBC’s broadcast and cable business, making Comcast one of, if not the largest provider of both cable access and programming. Industry analysts predict this will lead to less choice and higher prices for consumers, while making Comcast yet another of America’s “Too Big To Fail” corporations with too much influence over too large a percentage of the economy.

Now for the fun part. One of the five FCC commissioners who allowed this mega-merger to happen was Meredith Attwell Baker. Baker has recently announced she is leaving her position at the FCC – to take a new post as the head of lobbying for…get ready for it…NBC Universal! That’s right. She went to work for NBC, now owned by Comcast – meaning she now works for Comcast.

We’d like to believe this came about because Comcast and Baker are truly honest and above-board folks, and this job offer was not on the table when Baker was deciding the fate of American media and the consumers who are dependent on it. We’d also like to believe that chickens shit gold, and all we all need to do to get rich is buy some chickens. The deal is, if chickens really did shit gold they would cost a fortune, and so we would actually just end-up paying more for them and making nothing. Just like we’re going to end-up paying more to Comcast, except from them we’ll just get the same old shit, or worse shit because they don’t have to compete for our business.

Any way you look at it, it’s a bunch of shit. And that’s why Meredith Attwell Baker is being honored with GraceLessLand’s DOUCHEBAG of the MONTH AWARD.

This is the face of big business. This is the face of American politics. This is the face of unscrupulous money-grubbing corporate management. This is the face of a lobbyist. This is the face of evil.