NC Pro-Life License Plates Unconstitutional


This license plate design adopted by North Carolina has been declared unconstitutional by a federal judge because there is no alternative plate available for pro-choice drivers. North Carolina responded immediately with another design that not only provides an alternative but still manages to convey the spirit of the original message.


Plane Diverted Due To Woman’s Claim Of Implant

A flight from Paris to Charlotte, North Carolina, was diverted to Bangor, Maine, after a female passenger claimed to have a surgically implanted device. Doctors on the flight could find no evidence of recent surgery, and the woman was taken into custody at Bangor and will undergo psychological evaluation. The most amazing thing about this story is you can actually fly directly from Paris to Charlotte, North Carolina!

Tornado Rips Through N. Carolina Communities

A tornado swept through western North Carolina leaving destroyed homes and businesses in its wake.

A tornado tore through western North Carolina today, injuring at least 20 people and damaging mobile homes, houses, and businesses. The National Weather Service reported the storm had an EF2 strength. Winds were estimated at 115 miles an hour.

“It could have been worse,” one longtime Burke county resident said. “This is nothing compared to the damage being done to South Carolina right now.”

South Carolina is of course in the throes of its Republican Primary, with gale force hot air expected to peak at 1,000 miles per hour by January 21.

“We can rebuild and recover from this damage, but after you’ve come face-to-face with Ron Paul there’s no amount of therapy or psychological reconstruction that will make you whole again” one state official said. “Still, we’re getting ready for when he blows through here in May.”

Hurricane Irene Approaches NC Coast

A satellite image shows hurricane Irene seems to be probing the NC coast - almost as if the storm were searching for something.

Hurricane Irene, now surging to category 2, is approaching the coast of North Carolina. “It’s definitely headed north” a U.S. Weather Service spokesperson said. “It’s really making a bee-line for Atlantic City – almost as if the storm had some purpose or target in mind.”