Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White Arrested

To Top It All Off NBC Cuts Musical Acts From Olympics

NBC cut performances by The Who, Ray Davies, Kate Bush, and Muse from their Olympic closing ceremony coverage to air a new program entitled “Animal Practice”. Apparently they felt the musical acts were too good and might clash with the rest of their Olympic presentation.

Caster Semenya Is Back – And The Olympics Has…Them!

Three years after a gender controversy at the world championships in Berlin stopped…uh…their career in its tracks, South African runner Caster Semenya made, um – their Olympic debut Wednesday. Semenya has progressed to the semifinal of the 800m at the Olympics after finishing second in, ah…their qualifying heat.

R.I.P.: Illustrator LeRoy Neiman

LeRoy Neiman will always be remembered as the “Olympics artist”, and the only painter most “readers” of Playboy know by name as well as by sight. Neiman’s bright canvases often appeared as if the paints were unmixed and applied straight from the tube, because they were.