Rand Paul Threatens To Shut-Down The Senate


Senator Rand Paul (R – KY) is threatening to shut-down the Senate and stop it from doing business unless the U.S. insists that Pakistan release Shakil Afridi, the jailed doctor who fingered Osama bin Laden.

Paul said the U.S. “should not give foreign aid to a country whose government is torturing the man who helped us kill Osama bin Laden. We should not be giving foreign aid to any country that is not clearly our ally. This must end, and this week I will renew my push for a vote on this issue, including holding up Senate business to accomplish this goal”.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, from the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, differed with Paul’s assessment: “You would be a fool not to recognize that the Pakistanis have nuclear weapons,” he said. “So it’s not surprising that Rand Paul is the one calling for exactly the situation that might drive them to use them”

Doctor Who Helped Get bin Laden Gets 33 Years

The Pakistani doctor who helped identify Osama bin Laden just before American troops killed the terrorist leader has been given a 33-year sentence for treason in a Pakistani tribal court. Doctor Shakeel Afridi used a vaccination program to gather DNA samples in the area where bin Laden was living.

U.S. Drops Charges Against Osama bin Laden

The United States dropped all criminal charges against al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden yesterday. “It’s rather embarrassing” Attorney General Eric Holder said. “I’m sure if the President had known the charges would be dropped he wouldn’t have killed him. We should probably have some kind of law that states people are innocent until proven guilty, or something.”

Or maybe we just shouldn’t waste time making formal charges against someone we have absolutely no plans to ever bring to trial, but instead shoot on sight. Not that shooting bin Laden was a bad thing, just maybe injudicious if there were actual pending criminal charges against him.

Osama bin Laden reacts to news the U.S. has formally dropped all charges against him.