A Rose By Any Other Name

This is a quote from the Wikipedia entry on guitar pickups:

….the humbucking pickup was invented by Joseph Raymond “Ray” Butts, but Seth Lover of Gibson was also working on one himself. Ray Butts initially developed one on his own and later worked withGretsch.[1] Who developed it first is a matter of some debate, but Ray Butts was awarded the first patent (U.S. Patent 2,892,371) and Seth Lover came next (U.S. Patent 2,896,491). Ultimately, both men developed essentially the same concept, but Ray Butts was never recognized as the one who produced it first.

I wonder why? Say you’re developing an ad campaign in 1955 for cool new noiseless guitar pickups. Here on the one hand you have an inventor named “Lover” working at Gibson, and on the other you have a guy named “Butts” working for Gretsch….