Your 2018 Stiff List

This year brought to you by They left-out a lot of people, like Carrie Fisher (because that wound will never heal).


2017 Stiff List

Brought to you by

Your 2016 Celebrity Stiff List

Provided by Pox News. Still waiting for Abe Vigoda’s death to be a hoax.

All The Stiffs That Are Fit To List

CNN is doing the honors this year. Mickey Rooney was a particularly short person who died this year.

2013 Stiff List

We’re just going to let CNN do the honors this year. Highlights include porn star Harry Reems and racecar driver Dick Trickle.

Yet More Stiffing has a surprisingly lengthy stiff list slide show starting with Art Clokey, inventor of Gumby, and ending with the twin brothers who took part in the first organ transplant. And a slew of famous dead folks in-between.

Stiffing The Annual Stiff List

I am too old and tired to compile a Stiff List this year. So instead I’ll just link this cheesy Dead Celebrities list on CNN – even though it leaves-out some pretty prominent dead people.

First Famous Stiff List Of 2009

Over on Fox News they have a slide show of Stars Who Snuffed In ’09.

The most prevalent cause of death: cancer (still number one).

The most agonizing cause of death: cancer (maintaining it’s 2-for-2 yearly record).

The absolute stupidest way to die: by hanging yourself in a hotel room closet while masturbating. From now on this form of self-extinction will be known as “doing a David Carradine”.

The ultimate Darwin Award winner