Romney Releases 2011 Tax Returns – Impresses Self


Mitt Romney released his 2011 tax returns and once again paid approximately 13% on an income of $14 million. However, he and Republican cronies like Fox News seem to be really impressed that if he hadn’t donated $4 million to charity heĀ would have paid about 20% on average over the last 20 years – firmly in the territory of the lower middle class. Of course that number has to be taken on faith as it is extrapolated backwards from only the last two years of released returns.

There are some sources that claim Romney actually paidĀ no taxes when he was running Bain Capital – but no one really knows since he won’t release those records, probably because they show he paid lots and lots of taxes and he doesn’t want to look too good.

The charity Romney donated to? The Mitt Romney Foundation for abused pets.

Questions Questions

Some questions never needed to be asked, and others seem to get asked again and again with no answers.

It’s Mormon vs. Mormon!

Mitt Romney says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid needs to “put up or shut up” after alleging that Romney paid no taxes for ten years while at Bain Capital, although Reid admits “I’m not certain” it’s true. Reid’s statements are widely seen as a ploy to put pressure on fellow-Mormon Romney to release tax records he has so far refused to make public, fueling speculation the records would add to the public perception that Romney is an out-of-touch rich man who made his wealth by stepping on the bodies of the poor and middle-class. Like you could add any more to that.

Really. Mitt Romney said someone else needs to put up or shut up. On television. In front of people. And felt no galling sense of comedic irony. At all. Really.

Obama Pays Lower Tax Rate Than His Secretary

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden released their tax returns to the public - something most presidential candidates do as a matter of course. The documents reveal that tax breaks for higher income citizens allow Obama to pay a lower tax rate then his secretary. GOP candidate Mitt Romney has not as yet released his tax records.

Romney Paid 14% On $21 Million

Mitt Romney, once considered the only real choice for the GOP presidential nomination only to see his prospects fade in the bloated shadow of Newt Gingrich, released his tax returns late Monday. The documents revealed he is part of the 0.01%.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney finally released his tax returns late Monday after several weeks of stalling. The documents reveal Romney paid just $3 million in income tax on a declared income of over $21 million.

“I realize that looks like I don’t pay as much as the average person, let alone a multimillionaire – but I had a lot of deductions this year” Romney said. “For example – and you can’t see that on the forms because it isn’t itemized – but for example my wife had extensive dental work done. That really cut things down.”

Probably most surprising was the fact that Romney filed the 1040-EZ form. “It’s a little known provision of the tax code, but if you’re super-rich you can do whatever you want. It’s perfectly legal!”

Romney To Release Tax Returns Tuesday

GOP also-ran Mitt Romney has announced he will finally release his tax returns on Tuesday. His unwillingness to do so before may have cost him the South Carolina primary race, which went to Newt "Mitt Lives Off The Blood Of The Unemployed" Gingrich. Here Romney explains the timing of the release.