Wendi Deng, Kung-Fu Spouse

Wendi Deng-Murdoch’s valiant slap-down of a shaving-cream-pie-wielding assailant wasn’t the first time she used her David Carradinesque kung-fu moves to protect her billionaire-media-magnate husband Rupert Murdoch. (Hang-on, I’m hyphen-ventilating….okay, to continue….) Below is a photo taken of the couple sometime prior to the pie incident:

Note that while Murdoch seems to be unaware of the katana-wielding assassin behind him, Ms. Deng has her left ear strategically unobstructed by her hair.

Hearing the faint swishing of the razor-sharp blade as it cut a deadly arc through the air, she turned in a lightning-fast reflex to the threat, grasped the attacker’s wrist, and deftly flung him over her shoulder and to the floor where bodyguards proceeded to kick him to death. It’s unfortunate that her incredibly swift actions were too fast for the camera to capture.