Tonight’s Television Highlights


Really, this is an extremely clever ploy on the reptilian aliens in rubber masks part. No matter which way the referendum to leave the European Eunion goes the foul lizards maintain their power base while destabilizing the EuEu politically, economically, and worst of all publically – revealing underlying tendencies toward racism and classism that many Britons may be surprised to see in their society.

Not that they have anything on the US as far racism/classism/dickism go. I mean we didn’t invent the concept of an underclass that is kept in a menial condition dependent on the overclass’ largesse, but we do it with such deeply seated, rooted, yet repressed utter racism that we get all the points for style. We’re number one! We’re number one!


Blair: No Deal For Lockerbie Terrorist Release

An excerpt from a BBC Interview:

“No, really, there was no deal to release Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi. It’s like I always told the Libyans, I don’t have the power to release him. What – oh – like the tan? Yes I just got back from a vacation in the Persian Gulf.  Anyway, why would we even want to release Mr. al Megrahi? Excuse me? Oh, you noticed the new Mercedes? Yes, I quite like it. It was a gift…from a, er, friend. Anyway, to get back to the point here – oh, hang-on, about 100,000 Euros just fell out of my jacket pocket. Could you just give me hand…?”