Mubarak Gets (What’s Left Of His) Life In Prison

Fallen Egyptian strongman and staunch U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for causing the deaths of over 800 protestors during the Egyptian “Arab Spring” uprising. Mubarak, 84, spent most of the trial confined to a hospital gurney, suffering from a severe bout of “how do I get out of this?”

Edwards Verdict: Acquittal, Sort-Of

John Edwards’ trial for campaign finance abuses ended in an acquittal on one charge of accepting illegal campaign contributions, and a mistrial on three other counts of accepting campaign contributions, one count of falsifying documents and one of conspiring to receive and conceal illegal contributions. Edwards admitted to receiving almost a million dollars from donors that was used to cover-up the existence of a pregnant mistress.

Conrad Murray Guilty Of Manslaughter

Dr. Conrad Murray reacts to the verdict of guilty of manslaughter in the death of pop star Michael Jackson.

A jury found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty of manslaughter in the death of pop star Michael Jackson on Monday. Murray was found guilty of a single count of manslaughter for administering a fatal dose of the drug Propofol to the now all-but-beatified Jackson, who just a few years ago was excoriated as a child molester and possible illegal alien from another galaxy.

Nothing rehabilitates a creep like death. A few years ago it was Jackson in the defendant’s chair and we were all talking about what a disgusting pervert he was. Now, because he died at the hand of an unethical doctor whom he paid to supply him with drugs, we’re all talking about how he deserves ‘justice’.

Nancy Grace Reacts To The Casey Anthony Verdict

CNN personality Nancy Grace, who tried, convicted, and virtually executed Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony, reacts to the verdict of not-guilty on charges of murder, child abuse, and manslaughter.