Thompson Blames Romney For Drop In Polls

Wisconsin Republican senate candidate Tommy Thompson blames Mitt Romney for his sudden drop in polls against Democrat Tammy Baldwin. Thompson says Romney’s comment that 47% of Americans feel they are victims, and are dependent on Barack Obama and the government, “is bound to have an impact on every election”.

Thompson says he doesn’t think there is any chance voters may just be confused by the similarity in the names Tommy Thompson/Tammy Baldwin.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Survives Recall

Scott Walker has won a recall race as Governor of Wisconsin. Walker provoked the ire of Democrats when he initiated legislation to strip unionized state workers of collective bargaining rights.

Romney Waylaid By Ron Paul Supporter

A Ron Paul supporter asked Mitt Romney a question regarding race and his Mormon beliefs at a campaign appearance in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Who Works For Whom?

Wisconsin police and firefighters' unions got a separate deal in the union-busting budget bill the state GOP governor and legislators passed.