About Here

GraceLessLand, the home of theAntiELVIS, has been in existence in one form or another since around the mid-1990s, back when the Internet was only good for doing cooperative research on weapon technologies and downloading porn. We’ve come a long way since then: now you can shop while the porn is downloading.

The philosophy of GraceLessLand is simple: if when you leave here you feel misinformed, cheated, lied-to, and insulted, then we’ve done our job. We also believe there is no issue so complicated that a hastily doctored photograph stolen from another Web site can’t make it more confusing.

The great illustrations from classic pulp magazines have, like most everything else here, been pilfered at will from all over the internot specifically because we figure they must be in the public domain – but if something you see isn’t please communicate that via the comments below, so we can stick the words “stolen from” whomever on it to make sure everyone knows.

Here is the GraceLessLand “G-Spot” graphic you can use to link to us from your site. Or you can use it for your own logo if your name starts with “G” and you don’t feel bad about stealing other people’s artwork. If we did this site wouldn’t exist.

4 comments on “About Here

    • I can’t believe you used my About page to spam your own blog. And the fact it took me 4 months to notice says a lot about how often I visit my About page.


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