RNC Chairman Steele Speaks At Orlando Rally

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele tells Orlando, Florida republicans they are the key to a repeat of the 2000 elections.

See him dance and sing for the white folks at CNN.com.

Palin Stumps For No One In CA

“Mama Grizzly” and reality tv star and 1/2 ex-governor of Alaska and also-ran candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin appeared at a Republican National Committee fundraiser in Anaheim. She did not endorse Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman nor Republican Senate candidate Carly “It’s Better To Get Fired Than Live With The Uncertainty” Fiorina. Neither of the Republican candidates appeared at the fund raiser. Because Sarah Palin was going to be there. And Sarah Palin is the kiss of death to any serious Republican running for office.

Nearly unemployed RNC Chairman Michael Steele had no choice but to appear at a fundraiser with Palin - no other Republicans will be seen with him.

Liberals Stage Massive Rally At Lincoln Memorial

A coalition of over 400 Democrat and liberal political groups gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, in what was called an “antidote” to the Tea Party. All the signs being displayed were carefully spell-checked beforehand, and there were no depictions of national leaders as Hitler or evil clowns.

“We want to take back America” said one speaker, “as long as everyone agrees we should and no one’s feelings get hurt.”

Other speakers added their cries: “We shall overcome as long as everyone comes along”, “Please let us have more jobs”, and “If no one minds, I’d like to keep control of the Congress in 2010”.

Each speaker began with a long apology about how terrible they felt having to say such harsh things, and how they wouldn’t need to if “the conservatives would just be cool”.

A rare image of the crowd at the "One Nation Working Together" rally. Organizers didn't take many because they didn't want to appear to be showing off.