American Hostages Released In Egypt

Members of an American missionary group who had been taken hostage in Egypt three days ago have been released by their captor. “They are at security headquarters with us now, in good condition. The negotiations succeeded, but we did not give in to the kidnappers’ demands,” said Gen. Ahmed Bakr, head of security in northern Sinai. “Now if you will excuse me, I have to go buy 500 goats and a camel.”

Hillary Clinton Greeted With Jeers In Egypt

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was greeted with thrown tomatoes and shoes, and jeers of “Monica!” as her motorcade left the newly reopened U.S. consulate in Alexandria, Egypt.

Mubarak May Be Clinically Dead

Brutal Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak is seen here in happier times hanging-out with people who shared his values and beliefs.

Former Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak has reportedly been declared clinically dead at a hospital in Cairo after suffering a massive heart attack. However, sources in the Egyptian military dispute this claim, saying Mubarak is alive but in critical condition, kind of like Egypt.

Mubarak Gets (What’s Left Of His) Life In Prison

Fallen Egyptian strongman and staunch U.S. ally Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for causing the deaths of over 800 protestors during the Egyptian “Arab Spring” uprising. Mubarak, 84, spent most of the trial confined to a hospital gurney, suffering from a severe bout of “how do I get out of this?”

Egypt Achieves U.S.A.-Like Democracy

Disgraced Egyptian MP Anwar al-Balkimi, of the ultra-conservative Nour Party, has been expelled from Parliament.

Egyptian MP Anwar al-Balkimi, of the ultra-conservative Nour Party, was expelled from the Egyptian Parliament for claiming he was mugged in order cover-up a nose job. Now belly-dancer Sama al-Masri claims she is al-Bakimi’s second wife.

The Islamist Nour Party adheres to the principles of the Salaf, which means “predecessors” or “ancestors”. The Salafi take the earliest Muslims as model examples of Islamic practice. Plastic surgery and a secret marriage to an unveiled belly-dancer are against Salafi fundamentalist principles.

So this is the equivalent of a member of Congress elected on a Tea Party platform having a sex-change and a second wife who is a prostitute. In other words, Egypt has achieved American-style democracy.

Virginity Tests On Prisoners Banned By Egyptian Court

Egypt's military leader and head of state Mohamed Hussein Tantawi reacts to the ruling against "virginity tests" conducted on female prisoners.

A panel of three civilian judges has ruled that the Egyptian military has no right to perform “virginity tests” on female protesters being held prisoner in military prisons. The military has claimed the tests are necessary to protect prison personnel against false charges of abuse.

“In our culture it is not allowed to rape a virgin” a military spokesperson said. “We must determine who is a candidate for abuse and who is not. We wouldn’t want to do anything wrong.”